We lessen the anxiety and fear typically created by job searches and interviews. Our intensive counseling and coaching will earn you the confidence, insight and inspiration you need to build or advance your career.

Our packages range from months of subscription to hourly rates depending on how much coaching is required. Our recommendation is at least 8-10 hours of coaching however, each client has a unique situation and need.

Our packages include but are not limited to:


Basic Coaching package

This package is without subscription and it is based on the amount of coaching required. Rates are charged hourly.

At anytime during the sessions a client can decide to upgrade to the next package.


Premium Coaching Package

The premium package is 48 hours subscription package and it comes with:

A one time resume restructuring

2 sessions of intensive coaching

48 hours access to consultation and advice.

1 mock interview at the end of the coaching sessions


Deluxe Coaching Package

The deluxe package is a 72 day subscription and it comes with:

A one time resume restructuring

1 Cover letter

3 sessions of intensive coaching

72 hours access to consultation and advice

2 mock interviews


The maximum number of hours that can be accommodated for compressed sessions is 2 hours as all our clients are important. Exceptions can be made for cases that require desperate measures.

We do months or years of coaching and mentoring as well if required. We can hold your hands for as long as you let us.

To get started is very easy. Just call or fill out our inquiry form today!