Job Interview Myths

Do you have a job interview on the way? You probably have heard a lot about arriving early, eye contact, firm handshake, poise and etc., as ways to make a great first impression This article is not meant to add to the long laundry list but to let you in on what I find helpful.

A good first impression is absolutely important no matter the circumstance as this sets the tone for the relationships beyond. This is why interviews must be taking very seriously as there are no options to undo or rewind once the opportunity has come and gone.

First Impression Defined

What if you were unavoidably late for an interview? What if you didn’t really understand a question and you asked for clarifications? What if you were really honest about how you quit your previous job because it wasn’t right for you? Does this mean you would have made a bad first impression?

Contrary to the generally accepted myth that a great first impression depends solely on you, it actually does depend on who you encounter as well. According to Psychologists, first impression is a mental image upon first encounter with a person, and the impression accuracy varies depending on the observer (in this case, the interviewer) and the target person (you).

Confidence As a Contributory Ingredient

Having chatted with a few recruiters and interview candidates, one thing that resonated through those discussions was “confidence”. Both parties believe everything else comes naturally with confidence and I absolutely agree. Eye contact, firm handshake, poise, etc. will all be 100 percent when your confidence is 100 percent. So even if you were unavoidably late for example, how you tender your apologies, recover, and confidently carry on with the interview (among other things), can end up in a great impression.

Having said that, do not underestimate the importance of preparing and planning ahead. You can only speak confidently about what you have adequate knowledge of. Do your research about the company and everything on the job description if possible. Most importantly, leave enough room to avoid lates as much as you can.

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