Career Profile vs. Career Objectives

Resume and recruitment experts have made several recommendations on the required sections of the resume and what they should be called. Structure and style also vary from country to country. The best practice is to research the acceptable resume standards for where you are applying (if different from where you live). You can also  consult with a professional to ensure conformity.

From experience, profile summary vs. career objectives are two resume sections that are often used incorrectly. Both give a potential employer a quick feel of who you are and your suitability for the position.  Do they mean the same thing and should they be used interchangeably?

A poll of 20 resume experts might give you 20 different answers. So here’s a nice summary to help you understand how they differ.


Career/Profile Summary Career Objectives
Summarizes professional accomplishments/work history and strengths Summarizes what you desire in a potential employer or a position
Employer focused (what the organization stands to benefit from you) Typically applicant focused (what you are looking for)
Can be used for all resume types (especially with long work history) Suitable if new to the work force, changing career, re-entering the work force after a long break or sending a mass application not directed at a particular employer
Can be expressed in paragraph or bullet form (if very long work history) Typically a short paragraph


Remember, nothing is written on a stone and there are always exceptions to the general rule. For example, when changing career it is recommended that your career objective is employer-focused as this is more likely to hook a potential employer.

When in doubt, it is always worthwhile to reach out for professional help with your resume to get you your dream job. The opportunity may never come again.


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